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Wednesday 7th October 2020 - Paper, Paper Everywhere

The grotty wet weather has been a blessing, well it has been for me, providing me with time to devote to sorting the paperwork we brought back with us from my late parent’s house. My Dad kept neat and tidy files but I found there were still a lot of documents that are no longer relevant or valid. I have spent a number of hours on my knees sorting what to keep, what to burn and what can go in for recycling. Groans could be heard after each session, as I got up from the floor and tried to get my legs working again. All done, I moved on to family documents. Wills, along with, birth, marriage and death certificates can prove to be very interesting so I had to be disciplined and not stop and dwell too long on these. There will be time later to peruse these. We brought back some very old negatives from a box containing various items that belonged to my Dad’s mother, my Gran. Peter has been working on these and has found a piece of software that will invert them. Unfortunately, so far I don’t recognise many of the people, just my Dad when he was a young boy of about eight or nine and his Mum taken when they were on holiday. My Dad’s father, my Grandad, ran his own business, so had little time for family holidays! I am sure I will find lots more information about the family as I continue working my way through everything – maybe even the odd skeleton in the cupboard – oooh, I do hope not!

So, that’s how I have spent the damp days, fitting in housework, walks (when it wasn’t raining) and cooking in between. With grey skies, there has been little to photograph but this morning the sun, backlighting the dark clouds, provided a powerful intense scene – I just love our big Norfolk skies.


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