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Wednesday 3rd July 2024 - No Two Days, Flora Incognita and Flower Arranging

The recent weather has certainly proven the truth, when I said in my vlog ‘Frets, Footpaths and Yarn Bombing’; 'no two days are the same'.  As a measure, one day I could be wearing a summer’s dress and the next, I’ll be back in jeans with a t-shirt covered by a fleece, or a jumper.  It was a good job, I didn’t send back those summer jumpers I ordered in June, I’ve certainly needed them!


I had hoped to be working on my next video.  I planned to film our walk back from Northrepps, on Monday afternoon, following a visit to see a friend.  However, as we stayed longer than anticipated and needing to get back home and not linger, to be back for a delivery, this didn’t happen.  I had a full day yesterday and today it’s raining, so no chance of getting out with the camcorder.  While we were at our friend’s I used the plant detecting app I have on my phone.  This is the app, Flora Incognita, which I mentioned in my vlog, ‘Verges & Hedgerows’.  It identified a bush slipperwort, a plant in the calceolaria family with stunning yellow blooms, and a Maltese cross, which had just appeared in their garden and neither of us had ever seen before.   I am very impressed with the capabilities of this app.  As for filming, I will just have to wait until time and the weather are in my favour.


Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Gardening Club where a member and former florist demonstrated making a simple table decoration.  She then helped others with their arrangements before refreshments were served.   It was interesting to see the various different compositions produced, using the wide selection of greenery and flowers available.  I realise now, I should have taken some photos, to show you all!


Today’s photo was taken on the last day of June.  I do think this shot shows how the light through dark clouds, highlighting the sea, can be just as impressive as one with brilliant blue skies and sunshine.


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