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Wednesday 25th November 2020 - Beach Walks and Being Sensible

Not a lot to say today apart from, we have continued to enjoy morning walks along the beach. No two days are the same and at the moment there is plenty of sand to make walking easy, enabling us to look out to sea, ahead and up the cliffs, without risking tripping over a flint. No prizes for guessing where today’s photos were taken.

‘Fuel to the Covid fire’, has been one descriptor scientists have used for Boris Johnson’s announcement that all four UK nations have agreed; up to three households will be allowed to stay together and form a "Christmas bubble" from 23rd to 27th December. It’s a decision that is certainly giving scientists concerns about a third wave of infections. I am not going into details here but anyone considering mixing; needs to look at this fully and find out exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Those villagers we have spoken to have said, they will be spending Christmas at home on their own, rather than risk infecting others (recently there have been cases of Covid-19 in the village) or being infected. Now that is what I call being sensible but will others have the same view?

Yesterday I picked up a phone call with a pre-recorded message from a woman with an American accent who informed me, I was going to be arrested for fraud against HMRC and if I wanted to find out more about my case, I should press 1. Did I fall for it…, and so far I have not been arrested but if I don’t post for some time, you know I have been!!!!


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