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Wednesday 25th January 2023 - Fleece Layers and Glassy Sea

I like to check on the overwintering plants in the greenhouse, once a week. Dead leaves and blooms are removed from the geraniums and if needed, all the plants are watered. The geraniums have additional protection, to that afforded by the greenhouse, with a layer of fleece over the top of them. It has been so cold and noticing one geranium had been lightly frosted, I doubled the fleece and then moved all the fuchsias, which are starting to shoot, to one area and covered them too. All the other plants, in their dormant state, as well as the onion seedlings, look fine.

Cold and sunny with only the lightest of winds the sea has been like a mirror. I always say, the glass like surface on a winter’s sea just can’t be beaten but unfortunately it is not easily captured on camera. With heavy frosts and icy patches, it has not been possible to get safely down to the beach, so we have stood and observed from the cliff tops. However, with a bit of a thaw during the day, we have managed a couple of afternoon beach walks this week. On Monday afternoon, a mix of sun and cloud, we walked towards Sidestrand and although the photo below, with the gull perched on top of the beacon, doesn’t show the sea to its full effect, the contrast between sky and sea was striking. Yesterday, we wandered towards Cromer. Not quite low tide, there were rivulets to cross and with a split in the soles of my beach boots, I returned home with one soggy foot. Yes, I do have other footwear without splits but what I term as my beach boots are the best for grip. I just wish I could find the same type of boots to replace them with. The calm on the beach and walking on the sand as the sea gently lapped back and forth, most definitely made it worth getting that wet foot. We stopped to look at a flint bed. Not a lot of interest, a few beadlets, a type of sea anemone, and some snails. During today, the temperatures have risen, the frost has gone but this afternoon it has started raining. That’s about it for today' blog, not a lot to say but that’s January for you – not a lot going on. I’ll leave you with a selection of photos taken over the last few days.


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