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Wednesday 17th April 2024 - Who Flicked the Switch?, Plant Growth and Prom Closed Again

What I want to know is, who flicked the switch, which turned the weekend of sun and some decent warmth, to wintery cold, rain and strong winds.?  Having such lovely weather over the weekend, I thought this was the turning point but sadly disappointed when the rain and winds kicked on Monday morning.  Over the weekend, we gardened and had a BBQ too.  I sorted the greenhouse and pricked out seedlings etc. while Peter mowed the back lawn and weeded his veg plot.  Since then, we have pretty well been ‘confined to barracks’, only venturing out for a couple of walks, on Monday to the hospital (routine screening for me), the mobile library yesterday and today the doctors’ surgery (both for routine blood tests).


Despite the cold and winds, I was heartened when I checked the greenhouse and flower borders this morning to see how much most of the plants have grown.  I have been a little concerned about the two agastache plants, purchased last year, which have not shown any sign of growth.  Having never grown them before, I was wondering if they have made it through the winter but after searching on the internet it looks as though they won’t make an appearance until next month.  I enjoyed watching the bees visiting their flowers, right through until early autumn and then the seed heads provided interest in the garden until I cut them down, late winter.


A section of the promenade, below the Sea Marge Hotel, where the cliff has been slumping for some months, has been closed again.  I took a photo of the closure notice (see below) this morning but sadly whoever produced this omitted to include contact details for the Coastal Management Unit.  I couldn’t find any information for the unit on NNDC’s website.  I have requested, a phone number, via the Contact page on their website; apparently, it may take up to five working days before I get a response!  (I got a response later.  Apparently the unit does not have a phone number, only an email address -


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