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Wednesday 14th April 2021 - Frosty Mornings and Like August

I have so enjoyed spending time outdoors over the past few days. There has been a chill in the air but the blue skies and the rays of the sun have made being in the garden and going for walks a pure pleasure. Despite thinking our garden’s borders etc. were up to date; I have found plenty of things to do. There are a good number of tadpoles in our pond – I must remember to scoop some out and send a photograph of them to our grandsons. They are quite amusing to watch, zipping about and nibbling the piece of chicken Peter has suspended in the water, in the hope that they will eat this rather than each other! As for the plants in the greenhouse, which following my earlier fumigation fiasco I thought I had killed, these are looking good with new shoots making me confident they will be ready to plant outside, once the risk of frosts have passed. On the subject of frosts we have paid a price for the clear skies, with early morning frosts. Very unusual in our coastal location, maybe the odd frost, but not on three consecutive mornings.

With Covid restrictions gradually relaxing there are far more people out and about and on our morning walks, every holiday let (excluding the second homes) we have passed has a vehicle or vehicles parked outside or on the driveway. I thought the schools went back on Monday, leaving me surprised to see so many families in the village, as well as walking on the cliff top path. This was explained today when I learnt that some areas have extended the school holiday period by a week.

I took a break from gardening this morning to go into Cromer for a visit to the hairdressers, my first hair cut since the beginning of December. Driving back home through the town, the pavements were crowded with people milling about and the road was fairly congested too. If it hadn’t been for pretty well everyone being dressed in jackets and trousers, you could have been fooled into thinking it was August when traditionally the town is full of holidaymakers. The continuous speculation as to whether holidays abroad will be possible this year and if so, will people want the extra expense of tests and possible quarantine on return, there is a general feeling that the UK in general can expect to see more taking the safer option with staycations. North Norfolk District Council are proposing to open park and rides for the main tourist towns in the area with possibly two for Cromer, covering both ends of the town. No mention of any provisions for the coastal villages though.

Today’s photo was taken this morning, through a gap between two beach huts (awaiting a lick of paint?), at the cliffs topped with blue skies and a peppering of white clouds, promising another beautiful day, which it has been.


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