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Tuesday 8th September 2020 - Spoke To Soon and Two Forthcoming Anniversaries

Well I might have known I had spoken too soon about the considerable drop in numbers coming to the beach. Today, the warm temperatures have resulted in an influx of visitors coming into the village and making their way down onto the sands. No doubt they are making the most of the good weather before chillier days become the norm. It has been noticeable that, although the ice-cream van has been on the car park every day, the fast food trailer has not. I wonder if this follows NNDC’s statement in North Norfolk News that they have been in dialogue with the concessions on the car park to resolve the rat issue.

I have always loved cats. I am not sure if my love for them has stemmed from this, but I was told that at a very young age, I lifted my play pen over the cats dish and ate Kitty Kat! Whenever, we went to Greece, packed in our cases was an initial supply of dried cat food which once exhausted was replenished from a local supermarket. I took cat food out on our walks as well as in the evenings. This was scattered on the ground for the local felines to enjoy. Tomorrow sees a double anniversary for two of our cats. The first, a sad one, as it was on the 9th September that we found our much loved tabby Tim, dead on the grass outside our garden gates. Throughout his life, he touched our hearts, so much so that I dedicated my published short story, Timotheus – Pserimos Puss, to him. By the way, Pserimos is a very small Greek Island between Kos and Kalymnos. The second anniversary was the arrival of Sid (aka Hissing Sid or Sidney) into our family on the 9th September last year. He has changed so much from a small blue eyed kitten to a long bodied, tall, lanky, orange eyed cat. He remains scared of the slightest unusual sound and if we don’t do things his way, then we can expect to be spat at! Sid loves to help me make the bed, which is when I can most expect to be spat at. He has enhanced his ability to bounce off the walls by adding a half somersault before zooming off across the lounge chairs. This is the time when he is encouraged to go outside and vent his exuberance elsewhere. He is very affectionate with a loud purr, spending time on our bed most nights and he loves to wind himself around Barney, something which Barney does not particularly appreciate but accepts all the same. Altogether, Sid is quite a character and needless to say, greatly loved.

Today’s photos were taken a couple of weeks ago of, a juvenile, great black backed gull resting on the sands, and one of our pepper plants – the peppers have now all been eaten!


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