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Thursday 9th September 2021 – Coincide and Glowing

It’s funny how, at times, dates coincide - ten years ago today we lost our beloved tabby cat Tim - two years ago today Sid, then a five week old kitten, came to live with us and - today I found the perfect memorial to put on Poppy’s grave. We adopted, sweet natured cat, Poppy from FAITH in 2010, when she was two and a half, although we suspect she was probably older. She died at the end of July 2020 and it has taken all this time to find a fitting memorial for her.

On the subject of cats we have, what I consider, one and a half cats. The one is Sid, of course, and the half is, part feral Lunar. She is Sid’s sister, but that’s another story. Lunar sleeps in our conservatory where we also feed her but she has her morning milk in a dish in the garden. Lunar is extremely affectionate and we think she would come indoors further, if it weren’t for Barney. Barney has always been very protective of our cats, seeing off any feline stranger who ventures into our garden. However, Lunar’s status is a bit half way house, so he prefers she doesn’t come further into our home and has at times, chased her out of the conservatory. But Lunar seems to appreciate that whatever Barney does, we always welcome her with food, a fuss and if Barney is not in sight, a lap to sit on in the evenings after we have eaten.

I love the September sunrises. The sun makes its debut, rising up ‘out of the sea’, at around six, which, at this time of the year, is when we normally get up. I usually take my first glimpse from our bedroom window before we head off to the front with Barney. On Tuesday, by the time we had walked to the zigzag path, the sun was a glowing orange ball, lighting up the sky and sea. I took some photos, including the best one here. During the years we have lived in Overstrand I must have, after deleting quite a number, amassed well over a hundred sunrise shots but that isn’t going to stop me continuing photographing these spectacular scenes.


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