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Thursday 6th October 2022 - Covid on the Increase and Cromer

It’s not bad for the beginning October. Yes, we've had some rain and the winds have been blowing leaves off the trees, only to send them back and forth along the roads and into gardens. If you discount this morning when it was only 7°C, the temperatures have been good, pushing up towards 20°C later in the day.

Unfortunately, Covid infections have been on the increase. I could be right or I may be wrong, but I do wonder if this is at least in part down to the numbers of people in close proximity to each other during the lead up to, during and following the Queen’s funeral. There is some logic in my thoughts, after seeing an increase in infections following the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. My hairdresser has Covid for the second time, which was not contracted from a client or colleague in the salon where she works. It seems we are not yet ‘out of the woods’.

Because my hairdresser has Covid one of her fellow stylists cut my hair yesterday, after which I had time in Cromer before I needed to return to the car. I needed some more nail varnish, the one I use on my toenails has gone all gooey. I rarely paint my finger nails these days as it soon chips and looks unsightly. I knew what I wanted but was taken aback by the various types available in Boots; just goes to show how long it has been since my last purchase. I eventually found one that doesn’t need a top coat, isn’t glittery, is quick drying and almost the colour I wanted. This left enough time to purchase some cards and to peruse the shelves and the refrigerated display in Fig and Olive where I purchased, amongst other things, balsamic pickled onions. Haven’t seen these for ages, not since we used to shop in the covered market in Oxford – definitely a find. Fig and Olive also have a good range of cheeses, similar to those in the Cromer Farm Shop which ceased trading a while ago.

Thinking about it, I should have asked if I could take a photo of the cheese display in Fig and Olive; maybe next time. Instead, I have two photos to share with you, one of sheep grazing peacefully in the autumn sun and a delicate lichen growing on a branch, both taken on this afternoon’s walk.


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