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Thursday 22nd April 2021 - No Phone Connection, Mobile Library and Morning Soon Gone

A section of the cable that connects the emergency phone at the bottom of the access road from Clifton Way is down. I understand, this phone was installed after there was an accident on the east beach towards Trimmingham where, due to the lack of mobile signal, the emergency services could not be called until someone walked to the cliff top and obtained a signal. We noticed the cable break on Monday morning after which I emailed our District Councillor, Angie Fitch Tillett about this and the broken fence on Clifton Way.

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, the mobile library is once again visiting the village. I usually borrow recipe books but last time I took out two books on gardening. I have been picking them up, as and when I have a few spare minutes, and dipping into the pages. I am particularly enjoying Helen Dillon’s Garden Book which offers plenty of practical advice and information about a variety of plants. I have learnt some new facts and it was interesting to read, that we have a similar trait; as soon as we sit down in our gardens we spot something that needs attention and before long we are arming ourselves with the appropriate tool for the job.

Peter and I both love being in the garden; pottering about, doing this and that. This morning we were both outdoors and while I was trimming and tidying the flower borders, Peter was setting in plants and sowing seeds on the vegetable plot. Anyone who likes gardening will understand how one thing can lead to another – I kept finding more things that would benefit from some care and then, before I knew it the morning was gone. Other tasks I had planned to do remain undone and have been left for another day. Everyone we have spoken to who enjoys gardening has remarked how dry the ground is. Who would have imagined this a few weeks ago, when the grass squelched under our feet and the pond was on the point of overflowing. A mixture of little rainfall and winds are behind the dry soil, resulting in the need to not only fill watering cans but get out the hose too. Most of our spring bulbs have finished blooming apart from a pot of fritillaries, which feature as today’s photo. I have resisted planting them in the ground, they are quite happy in the pot where each year the number of flowers produced have increased.


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