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Sunday 23rd August 2020 - Seems Like Yesterday, On the Prom and Campsite for Sale

Where does the time go? It only seems like yesterday when I sat down to write a blog but here I am four days later and back at the keyboard. Our days fill easily with various tasks, most of which I must add are enjoyable. I draw the line in the evening, after dinner we do little else except the washing up and then either gaze out on the garden and chat, listen to music or a programme on the radio and lesser so, watch the TV. The only problem, for me with watching the TV is, unless something particularly grabs my attention my mind starts to wander and then I fall asleep!

The tide has been well in around 6.30 a.m., the time we have been going out with Barney. So, there have been no walks on the beach but on the prom instead, where I took today’s photos. Yesterday morning a lady stopped us and asked if I was the person who wrote the blogs, before introducing herself as, an annual visitor from Germany. It’s always nice to meet people who visit my website and read my blogs. I was very impressed with her good command of the English language. Unfortunately I fail miserably, being only able to say ‘thank you’ and ‘a small coffee with milk please’ in German. I am afraid learning other languages are, in general, not a strong point the British can lay a claim to.

The camping field on Beach Close has, due to Covid-19, been closed this year. Not sure if this is genuine or as Donald Trump would call it, fake news, but I have been told the field is now on the market for £350,000. I have not found any details on the internet and I leave it with you as to whether you would consider purchasing a piece of land which because it is in the 100 year line cannot be built on, will over the coming years slump down onto the beach and as far as being a commercial business for a limited period of camping each year, is nothing more than a piece of rough ground with wooden huts in a poor state of repair.


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