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Sunday 21st May 2023 - Six Foot Down, Looking Poorly and Cliff Slump

It’s the time of the year when we are out in the garden, just after dusk, on our daily slug hunt. These creatures are fine when they eat the debris under plants and in borders etc. but when they start munching our vegetables and flowers, they are most definitely unwelcome. For the past two years the Spanish slugs have been a real problem; we have found large numbers, decimating our plants. I may be speaking too soon but overall, so far this year, we have found far less slugs. There may be fewer, but after finding three small black slugs munching on one of the lettuces, recently planted out, slug hunts will remain part of daily routine. We wondered if they only lived under plants or whether they also burrow in the ground. On one of the websites I found, it said; in dry conditions they will burrow down as far as six feet and only five per cent of their population are to be found on the surface. It looks as though we can forget any prospect of annihilating them totally from our garden.

Still on the subject of our garden, at the car boot sale, I purchased the bedding begonias I wanted but with no good sized blousy blooming begonias I bought geraniums, to put in pots, instead. For the first car boot of season, there was a reasonable number of stalls offering a variety of goods, and no doubt over the coming weeks these will increase in both numbers and variety. One of my cucumber plants is looking very poorly, so unless it revives over the next few days, I will be looking for a replacement at this week’s car boot sale. Given the number of stalls selling cucumber plants last Thursday, I should have no problem sourcing a substitute.

We have had some enjoyable walks this week and I have decided to include two photographs today. The first was taken on the path down from Northrepps to the allotments, where the bluebells are still looking good. The second was taken this afternoon, coming up to low tide, when we took a walk on the beach; so as to observe at a safe distance, the recent cliff fall reported in North Norfolk News. Said to be below Sidestrand, it was a bit further on and I would say it was Trimmingham. Also, it was not as dramatic or severe as described and definitely not on the scale of the slump a few years ago. Despite the possibility of more material coming down, there were foolhardy people walking on the toe of the slump. I did take some photos but the one I have included here is of the beacon, just before you reach the area of the slippage.


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