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Sunday 11th October 2020 - Poppy Appeal and Grey, Breezy but Beautiful

With so many events cancelled, most charities are seeing a drop in their income. On this basis, the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal is in danger of seeing a fall in donations this year. I am the Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) for Overstrand, one of many spread across the country. Earlier this year PAO’s were sounded out as to how they felt about collections. The end result is, in the interest of everyone’s safety, there will be no door to door collections and no trays of poppies will be placed in Overstrand’s business premises. This does not mean that you cannot donate, or have a Poppy. The RBL are keen that anyone who wants a Poppy should be able to obtain one. To this end you can support the RBL or purchase a Poppy via this link In previous years, when I have logged onto the PAO order portal, there has been a host of different items, in addition to the traditional Poppy, but this year I have only been able to order wreaths and crosses for the groups who have had them in the past. I understand, Poppies will be available in some of the major supermarkets, but as yet I don’t know if any of our local supermarkets will be participating.

There have been more grey skies and showers, interspersed with sunny periods. The lawns would benefit from a mow but the grass and ground are both too wet. We did manage a further tidy up on Thursday but I need to wait for a drier period before lifting the fuschias and geraniums to over winter in the greenhouse. Grey clouds and breezy this morning as we set off along the prom but as you can see from today’s photo, Overstrand is still beautiful.


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