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Saturday 24th February 2024 - Will It Ever End and For the Most Part

Updated: Feb 28

With so much rain, it leaves us wondering; will it ever end?  The slump below the Sea Marge was cleared but yesterday afternoon we watched more come down and by this morning, after additional material had followed, you never would have thought the original slump had been cleared.  Those who know us, are aware we don’t like built up areas, towns and cities but there are times when, needs must.  On Wednesday afternoon we drove to the outskirts of Norwich.  We couldn’t help but notice flooded fields and woodland, plus a river on the verge of bursting.  The ground just can’t take all this rain.  The media have reported, this is likely to be the wettest February on record; a sharp contrast to last year when February was very dry.  A friend, told us, we are going to have a drought this summer.  With the thought of no rain, I might hold them to that! 


Yesterday was much colder than recently but we could tolerate this as it was, apart from some rain first thing, dry and sunny.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the sun on the sea, when we walked along the promenade in the afternoon.

Stuck indoors, for the most part, since my last blog, I have made more progress on my memories.  My friend, of over sixty years, sent me a couple of extracts from a book which identified one of the characters in a photo I have which was given to me by my dad, plus some additional information about the business my paternal grandfather ran in what was then, a small village.  All this information was most welcome, and has now been added to my memories.  I have also read more about the secret lives of trees and next time we walk through woodland containing beech trees, I will be looking to find out the age of the young trees, who are waiting in the sidelines, before they are able to mature fully.   I will also be observing conifers, to see if they have been greedy with water consumption and suffered as a result. 


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