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Saturday 18th July 2020 - Successful and Productive

Looking back over the past seven days, the week has certainly been successful and productive. I’ll mention just one of the successes; otherwise this blog could go on and on! Shortly after waking just after 6 a.m. last Saturday morning, I received an email from HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Reading the leading phrase, before opening up the email, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The application I submitted for Grant of Probate on my late mother’s estate has been approved. This has come through unbelievably quickly. I submitted the estate’s value to HMRC on 3rd June and Probate application on 4th June but it was not until 16th June when the solicitor, who was holding my mother’s will, was able to attend her offices and post it to the Probate Office. So, all in all, this has been processed much faster than the projected timescale of approximately three months. Peter said I must have done a good job. I say, don’t be put off of having a go yourself. When I started the process, I soon realised if I had asked the solicitors to put in the application, I would have had to provide all the information and all they would need to do, was put the right figures in the right boxes. It is a great relief to have the grant as Peter and I can start the next stages of finalising the estate, one of which is selling the house. Living 180 miles away, I am greatly appreciative of our two sons who, living closer, have been a huge help by opening up the house for the contents and house to be valued, as well as generally keeping an eye on things. I must not forget my mother’s gardeners who have continued to keep the lawns trimmed, cleared the weeds and who have also donated a tree, in memory of my mother, which our grandsons will plant in their garden.

What better way to start the day than with a walk, either on the beach, along the prom, or across the fields. We did the latter on Wednesday morning. Out before even the bees and other insects were about, we enjoyed a peaceful wander whilst observing the ever changing hedgerows and field edges. We are lucky to have wild flowers throughout spring and summer whereas in warmer climes, the flowers set seed and dry back at the end of spring, leaving little colour to enjoy. Today’s photos show some on the wild flowers currently in bloom, along with one of the many Alexander seed heads, and the autumn sloes and blackberries which are forming well.


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