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Monday 29th March 2021 - More About the Slump Removal and Looking Forward

I’m starting today with a follow up from my last blog, about the slump on the access road down from Clifton Way. The second area was cleared on Friday, but by Saturday morning new material had slid down the cliff and the access road was once again covered, virtually to the far curb. Sunday morning and there was more down on the road, and more again this morning. Seeping from the slump, there are two distinct areas where water is heading down the road. I am making a bit of an assumption here but I think the water is from an underground stream that has broken out to the surface. There always was water from the original cliff slump, which froze in the winter when temperatures dropped below zero. After I put up a post on Facebook, to make people aware of the possible danger of the slump moving quickly, as the slip in Trimingham did, and suggesting the toe be avoided, our District Councillor, Angie Fitch Tillett, responded with, ‘Coastal Engineers are monitoring this, when/if it dries out they intend to put gabions (wire baskets full of flints) at the base to retain any further slips.’ I think the point to be taken from Angie’s comment is ‘if’ because using my assumption that the water is from a stream then it isn’t going to dry out.

We are looking forward this week to some warm sunny days, ahead of the Easter weekend, when the forecast is for chilly, overcast and possibly drizzly conditions. Sunny but a bit breezy today, with some gusts which have blown across our garden, buffeting the trees. It’s definitely not been a day for hanging sheets on the line otherwise they most likely would end up heading towards Triminghham. So pleased the blossoms on the fruit trees are not fully out, otherwise our garden would have probably been strewn with pink and white petals. Butterflies don’t normally like the wind so I was surprised to see Peacocks on a field edge this afternoon; I guess the hedgerows were providing them with some protection. With the wind set to die down later today, I can see tomorrow and Wednesday are definitely going to be perfect for evening barbeques.

Today’s photo shows the slump, as it was on Saturday morning, with the two distinct channels of seeping water.


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