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Monday 21st March 2022 - Welcoming Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring, bringing with it the continuation of the sunny days we have been enjoying. There has, however, been a chilly easterly wind so, I for one, have continued to wear my winter jacket, gloves and scarf when we are out walking Barney first thing. Mentioning first thing, reminds me about the bird calls that serenades us, as we amble along in the mornings. My favourite has to be the song of the blackbird. There is something so special about, not only listening but watching, a blackbird perched high in a tree singing its heart out. Then there is the gently putting of engines as crab boats head out to sea. This sound brings back memories of our visits to Greece when we heard the fishermen setting out, across and out of the bay, in their caiques (traditional fishing boats). On their return, their catch would be displayed on the quayside ready for the local ladies to buy, returning home to cook the freshest of fresh fish for their families, and of course, some of the catch would be purchased by the local tavernas.

Last week I ticked off the last of the items on my winter ‘to do’ list; just in time before the first day of spring. Motivated by the bright sunny days, I am now moving on to spring cleaning. Yesterday, our conservatory received a top to toe wash down; not a straight forward task. As I progressed, I had to move back and forth and side to side, not only the furniture but flower seedlings which are currently too tender to be out in our unheated greenhouse. The next to be tackled is, the laundry room.

I describe today’s photo, taken the other afternoon as, ‘March days don’t come much better than this’, and they most certainly don’t.


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