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Monday 15th November 2021 - Cheeky, On the Move and Light

There’s not been a great deal going on over the weekend, apart from the Christmas Bazaar which this year spread over six venues in the village. However, because of Covid19 and concerns masks may not be worn by everyone, I gave this a miss. Today, I am posting three photos, with a section of dialogue under each one.

We see this blacked headed gull most mornings, when we walk along the prom. Surprisingly, the photo shows it with its beak closed; it’s usually open whilst making one heck of a racket in the hope we are carrying a tasty morsel or two for it to eat. That’s what I call cheeky, but then there is the old saying, ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’. Still on the subject of birds, I have already mentioned the snow bunting but more recently there has been a starling in the same area, which like the snow bunting has shown little concern about people passing as it forages for food.

I captured this sunrise just under a week ago. The sun is gradually making its way towards the jutting headland and when it reaches this point there will follow a period when we will no longer be able to watch it rising up out of the sea.

There is something special about the light in late autumn and winter and how it plays on the sea, giving a totally different effect to that in spring and summer. This shot was taken on Saturday morning, looking back towards Overstrand. On our beach walk we picked up several pieces of plastic and to add to the bizarre items we have cleared off the beach over the years, we carried back an empty lager keg. You have to ask yourself, how did this get into the sea before finally ending up below the cliffs?


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