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Friday 7th August 2020 - Delights of a Heatwave and Council Responds

We’re having a heatwave and it’s really too hot for cooking, but that hasn’t stopped me. I have finished now, leaving an assortment of pans to cool in the kitchen while I write today’s blog and look forward to sitting in the garden a bit later with a cuppa and an Eccles cake. This does seem to be particularly warm for August, when it quite often rains, but who’s complaining – not me, apart from it would be nice to have a couple of nights when it rained so the levels in our water butts were replenished. It’s so pleasant to have the doors and windows open, with any breeze circulating and keeping our home cool. At night we leave our bedroom windows open but not all night, as I will explain. Sid appreciates this, springing up from the conservatory roof and through the opening, he bounds onto the bed and says goodnight before curling up near our feet. With just a sheet over us, he does not have the pleasure of threading on the bedspread to make his bed. In the morning, I find he has usually left a couple of sweethearts on the bedding. The windows don’t stay open all night as our neighbour’s cockerel alerts us when the sun rises with his raucous crowing. This is the time when I get up and look out at the red and orange sky before firmly closing the windows and returning to bed to doze for another hour or so.

Up and dressed, it’s straight out with Barney to make the most of the cool of the day. With the tide in, we have been taking him along the prom, where we invariably meet a villager or three! A stop for a mardle, and why not, what is far from a long walk can take over an hour and a half before we are home for breakfast! The rest of my day is set aside to work through the ‘to do’ list I have prepared in advance, watering the garden, cooking, as well as catching up on Facebook. It’s almost alarming how quickly the day passes and it’s time to start preparing dinner, after which it is relaxation time.

The District Council usually place porta loos towards the east end of the prom, well before the schools break up. Not so this year, which we thought was due to Covid-19 and the possible transfer risk of the virus in such a small space. That was until this week when two ‘appeared’ on the rough area at the end of the beach huts. This could be the District Council’s response to the increased numbers of visitors to the village, similarly the new bin at the top of the zigzag path.

Today’s photos are the porta loos and new bin in place, (not exactly exciting), plus a couple of taken on the prom showing the peace and calm before visitors arrive for the day.


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