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Friday 30th July 2021 - Revamped, Sunrises and Funny Old Summer

Rather remiss of me, I forgot to mention the bench on the slope down from Clifton Way (see my blog for 6th July) has been revamped. With new wooden slats and commemorative plaque, it is once again providing a place to stop for a rest or to spend time looking out to sea and at the coastal vista towards Trimingham.

It is quite noticeable how much later the sunrises are now, in comparison to a few weeks ago. On the mornings when I was getting up around three, to either let Sid in or out, it was already beginning to get light. I could see a glow out to sea, as the sun was gradually rising above the horizon. Now, if I get up at three, it’s dark and it’s gone four before there is any appreciable light. At the other end of the day, twilight is still between nine thirty and ten, the time when we go out with torches on our slug hunt!

So far, it has been a funny old summer - one of mixed weather and temperatures. We like to sit in the garden with our mid-morning hot chocolate (yes you’ve read right, hot chocolate in the summer months!) and then again with a mug of tea and cake in the afternoon, followed by a pre-dinner drink early evening. This year I can’t say we have been able to do this on a regular basis and we certainly have not had so many evening BBQ’s. Still, we have August yet to come which I hope will bring more consistent good weather along with balmy evenings, before we drift towards autumn.

Today’s photos are of the revamped bench and one taken early morning, looking up the cliffs with the moon still visible in a brilliant blue sky (we could do with some more blue skies like this).


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