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Friday 22nd April 2022 - Time Flies and It's Bluebell Time

This week seems to have flown by. This could be because I have had a meeting, appointment and a meet up; more like the old pre-Covid days. The meeting was with my first guest on the planned programme for Poppyland Radio. This was followed by booking the recording studio for next week. The appointment was for the hairdressers in Cromer. Peter dropped me off near North Lodge Park and later, I walked home. I usually drive to the hairdressers and back but Church Street was publicised as being closed for electrical work and as the alternative route home would involve quite a long detour, it was almost as quick to walk back. As it was, Church Street was not closed! The meet-up was the first for us ex-WI members. We enjoyed refreshments and a natter in the Potting Shed Tea Room at the Garden Centre and arranged to meet again next month. Before I came home, I purchased some trailing plants to complement the fuchsias I will be planting in a couple of tubs.

Since then, I have been drafting a ‘menu’ to outline the basics of the radio programme, ready for next week. Then there is deciding which music tracks will be suitable to use as breaks. I am assuming my programme will be approved and therefore, building a stock of music; a lengthy process but I am getting there. Of course, with the weather being so pleasant, we have spent time in the garden. The bluebells, in what I term as the woodland part of our garden, are just opening and feature as today’s photo. I am so pleased to see the grapevines are producing shoots and leaves. I was beginning to think I had been a bit heavy handed when I carried out pruning, in the manner demonstrated in Youtube videos, back in mid-January. But only time will tell as to whether the pruning technique will mean we will get good sized grapes, this year, instead of the pea sized ones, we have left for the birds in previous years.


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