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Friday 17th December 2021 - Quiet and Out of Practice

When I visited the hairdressers in Cromer on Wednesday, I imaged the town would be busy with pre-Christmas shoppers; but it wasn’t. I arrived in the town with enough time to take a short stroll along the nearby streets but rather than having to dodge people on the pavements, it was all so much quieter than what I expected. Driving back through the centre, an hour or so later, it was the same story. Has everyone completed their Christmas shopping, or have they done it online this year, or did I just by chance happen to be there in a particularly quiet period? One thing I do know is; I don’t have the answer. (Since writing and publishing this blog, I have watched the national news on the TV which showed streets with few people about, a similar scenario to Cromer. The shop owners, who were interviewed, expressed concerns over the lack of Christmas shoppers.)

Yesterday was one of those winter days when it feels good to be out. Under the blue skies and brilliant sunshine we delivered the last of our local Christmas cards. This involved a walk up to Northrepps; not far but a distance that we know Barney can no longer manage. So he had his normal morning walk and after eating breakfast we headed off. Because of Barney’s reduced ability to walk very far, it is some time since we have done a decent walk. Gone are the days when we could walk with Barney to Southrepps and on to Trunch. As a result, I found myself puffing after the first gradient up from the allotments but after that I was fine. Yes, like Barney we are getting older too, but personally I am having none of that, I think the reason I was puffing was down to being out of practice. Today’s photos are, above, of the bare tree branches on Madams Lane, backed by a radiant winter sky and, below, heading home across the fields, with the sea in the background.


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