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Friday 10th February 2023 - Late, Recipe and Slow

Our camelias are late breaking out into flower. Usually, one of our three bushes will have shown a full bloom by now but currently there is just one which is showing some pink at the tip of a bud. The snowdrops and crocus are later too this year, which I am assuming is down to the consistently low temperatures over the past weeks. We have however, had plenty of sunshine and just as soon as it warms up, I will be filling up a bucket of water with soapy water, picking out some brushes and rolling out the hose to give the greenhouse its annual clean, inside and out.

This week I have recorded one of my Greek recipes (pork and celery) which is now posted on my Clifftop Publishing website. The recipe originates from the village of Chrani in the Peloponnese where we stayed some years ago. If we liked to holiday on the beach, then Chrani would have been fine but preferring to walk, we found the area disappointing. However, we did find a good taverna where my pork and celery recipe originated from.

I can’t remember when an area at the bottom of the access road, at the east end of the promenade, was cordoned off to accommodate plant, storage and wood but I do know, fixing the new planks to the revetments, has been slow. I appreciate work can only go ahead as and when the tides allow but despite this, to my mind, it’s been slow progress. Maybe Overstrand repairs are being used as a fill-in between other projects. This afternoon, with a low tide, we expected to see the contractors working but the plant has gone, leaving the storage containers and old wood. The new planks are spaced far wider apart (see today’s photo) than the old ones. It leaves me wondering whether the overall budget prevented more materials being used or is it some new strategy being employed by the District Council?


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