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Wednesday 7th December 2022 - Sauce Mix-up, Brrrrr and Media Release

Going back to last week, we purchased two large plaice fillets for our Friday evening dinner. This was accompanied by peas (well it has to be peas with fish!) and some new potatoes Peter is growing in bags. The seed potatoes were supposed to be ready for Christmas but as the foliage had died down, Peter was keen to see if any potatoes had formed. There weren’t many, just enough for us for two meals, providing a welcome change from main crop potatoes. Back to the plaice, which is a fish we don’t normally buy as we find the size of fillets you can fit two into a pan, don’t have much meat and are mainly skin but as I have already said, these were large, requiring a pan each. Meaty yes, but lacking in flavour. I decided a bit of tartare sauce would liven them up but this tasted really peculiar and I concluded, despite being kept in the fridge, the sauce must have ‘gone-off’. Mental note made to add a jar to our next online grocery order after which I noticed the label on the jar – horseradish sauce! Enough said, but it did make me chuckle and in future I will take a closer look at labels.

It has definitely been brrrr over the past days. I notice this morning, the BBC news website suggests turning off the heating in all rooms except the living room and only turning it back on in the bedrooms just before going to bed. This is all very well, but a lot depends on how you heat your home and its layout. I remember when our sons were at school and I was at home during the day. The heating was off during the night, came on before we got up to warm the house and then went off when I walked them to school. To keep warm, until the heating came back on ready for their return, I ran up and down the stairs from time to time. I then had a thought. I took the meter reading in the morning and again the following morning to find out our usage. Then, rather than let the heating go off during the day, I put it on constant but lowered the thermostat. Again, I read the meter and found that by leaving the heating on all day, our usage was reduced and therefore cost us less overall, plus it cut down on the wear on the stair carpet! All I have said, is based on personal experience some decades ago and should not be used as advice – we all need to consider our personal circumstances, needs and finances and realise one solution does not suit all.

To round off today’s blog and instead of a photo I have included the media release from Poppyland Community Radio, following their Silver Award at the 2022 Community Radio Awards. In the New Year I will be completing my annual review of my website and at this time will put in links etc. to the radio station. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more, just search the internet for Poppyland Radio.


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