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Wednesday 4th May 2022 - Thoroughly Spoilt and Not Too Bright

I am gradually coming back down to earth. It was my birthday on Monday, this year a significant number, so definitely something special to celebrate. I won’t say too much, in case readers interpret this as bragging but I have been totally spoilt over the past week. What I will convey, is a thanks to the Sea Marge for my celebration party on Monday evening, to Jo who made the cake and all the guests for joining us. The evening was a total success, the food and service was excellent and everyone said how much they enjoyed themselves, one guest even said, can we do this again next week! It has certainly been a memorable birthday, definitely one to look back on.

Barney, however, has not been too bright. He has lost weight, his breathing changed and he started being picky about what he ate – not like a Barney at all. By Tuesday afternoon, we were preparing ourselves for the worst but today, he has shown a small amount of improvement. Keeping our fingers crossed, he continues to improve.

I wasn’t sure which photo to choose today but, in the end, I plumped for one of the Sea Marge, which is probably the most attractive building in the village.


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