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Tuesday 3rd August 2021 - Almost a Washout and Changing

On Sunday morning, I wondered whether the village fair might have to be cancelled. Rain had made the ground wet and soft. Given the number of vehicles that traverse the sports field, to firstly set up the event and then stallholders bringing in their wares etc. and then get off again at the end of the day, the ground could have easily been reduced to mud. The rain finally abated just before ten in the morning and when I walked over with a cake for the ladies running the refreshments, stallholders were having to park in the adjacent roads and were carrying everything across the field to their allotted pitch. There was no other solution for the organisers, Overstrand Together, to implement if they were to ensure the fair went ahead, without ruining and churning up the sports field, however I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the stallholders. Later in the day, I had feedback from one of the refreshment ladies, the fair was very well attended and the cakes were sold out by twelve thirty and believe me, there were a lot of cakes.

In my blog, dated 6th July, I said about how, in relation to property purchases, the village is changing. Well, to add to this there are other changes; these are not going down well with a number of villagers. To add to the objections to erecting a 60 foot mast, on the junction of Cromer Road with Pauls Lane, there have been issues about noise in the form of loud music and fireworks, the latter having upset pets. The comments have varied but there is a general feeling ‘the village never used to be like this’ and remarks to the effect that, ‘maybe the time has come to move elsewhere’. On the subject of moving, one of the big village houses, the former Overstrand Court Hotel, is on the market. After considerable renovations, inside and out, a new owner is being sought for this impressive ten bedroom home, but who will it appeal to? Some years ago, when another large village house was up for sale, an idle comment about Johnny Depp looking for a property in Norfolk, set off rumours round the village that he was buying it. I wonder which celebrity would be interested in Overstrand Court; maybe Daniel Craig would like a home by the sea?

Today’s photo is of our strawberry planter, now used for growing sempervivums, a couple of which are currently in flower.


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