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Tuesday 25th June 2024 - Verges & Hedgerows, Busy Village, Nematodes and Promenade

The title of my latest vlog is Verges and Hedgerows, which I finished editing and uploading today to YouTube.  A different format to my other vlogs, it has taken a number of hours to complete.  I started by uploading photos before titling them, I then gathered information for the voiceovers, recorded the voiceovers, filmed myself using a tabletop tripod and finally I added background music.  Exported and uploaded onto YouTube, and watched on my laptop it was fine, not professional as some YouTube videos but then I am keeping mine simple and natural; I’m not out to reach their levels and standards.  However, when we watched my vlog on our TV, the volume of the background music was far louder than when I watched and listened on my laptop.  Back to the drawing board!  I deleted the music and went through the whole exporting and uploading process once again!   If you view my vlog, please do read the descriptor below the video too.


Wow, was the village busy on Sunday with residents and visitors all out to find a bargain at Overstrand Together’s annual yard sale.  The sun shone, those who were having a yard sale donned sun cream or retreated to the shade and from feedback, all did pretty well, selling lots of their unwanted items.  I was looking for a couple of specific items but despite the range of goods on display, I didn’t manage to purchase either.  I’ll keep looking for them at the weekly car boot sales.  We did however, find a couple of interesting books.


While I was walking round the village on Sunday, I stopped several times to chat to villagers.  A couple of times the subject of slugs was raised.  One villager, who reads my blog, said they were trying nematodes to get rid of them and told me they only have a small area to treat.  I explained, it would be costly for us to try to cover all cultivated parts of our garden and this was the reason we hadn’t tried nematodes, resorting instead to clearing the slugs at dusk.  I then met the villager, see my 9th June blog, who was trying nematodes and they gave me an update.  They felt nematodes were okay for controlling the eggs but had little effect on the actual slugs, adding, the first application would be best applied in early spring before the eggs hatched.  So, I conclude from this, nematodes are worth trying if you don’t have a large area to cover and make the first application early spring.


Contractors were down on the promenade this morning, clearing the debris fallen from the cliffs below the Sea Marge and onto the promenade.  As we could see this from the top of the zigzag path, we didn’t think it fair on the contractors to go down as they would have had to stop working when we got to this part of the promenade, to let us pass.  So as to get a better view, we took the footpath which runs along the back of the Sea Marge and looked down to see how they were progressing.  We stayed well away from the cliff edge which looked damp and soft.  As we looked down, we were able to see part of an area on the cliffs that has slumped and is completely sodden.  No photo of this, as it would have meant venturing dangerously close to the edge, but I was able to photo the contractors working on clearing the promenade.  The footpath behind the Sea Marge is still closed, due to a slump further west, which we meant we had to walk across the hotel’s gardens to access the loke leading up to the High Street.


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