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Thursday 9th April 2020 - Progress and Easter Weekend

I was not expecting to have made much progress with the arrangements and paperwork, following my mother’s passing. However, following a phone call from the funeral directors on Monday, provisions have been put in place for her funeral. Checking with the Registrar’s website, I was able to input details and then on Tuesday, I received a phone call from a very helpful Registrar who completed the process. I now await the death certificates and the registration reference for the Tell Us Once service, in the post. When I phoned the Health Centre about the medical certificate they were the only ones who did not know, what the new procedures are when a patient dies, now that we have Covid-19 in the country. I was not impressed with them.

As we take Barney for a walk, we are seeing more rainbows and other colourful additions to windows and gardens. There are also painted stones in the planter near the shop. All of these help brighten villagers’ days during this time of lockdown and social distancing. With Easter weekend nearly upon us and good weather forecast, I am once again concerned that people will ignore advice and flock to the coast. I am not the only one with concerns about people coming to the village, all the benches and the picnic area on the car park have been taped off.

Overstrand Together have organised an Easter Bonnet competition. Yes, I do understand the reason and good intentions behind this but there are not only posters advertising the competition in the village but it has also been publicised on Overstrand Together’s Facebook page, where it has been shared. Will this publicity bring in people wanting to see the decorated hats? Villagers, we have talked to on our walks, are not impressed with this event and I can only ask people not to come to Overstrand but appreciate this is a village activity, only for villagers. The Government has put out a clear message which we all need to abide by if we are to come through this pandemic safely –



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