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Sunday 3rd July 2022 - Honesty, Too Good for the Dump and Full Butts

We have been putting off getting new carpet in our lounge/dining room. With Barney in his advanced years, we were concerned he may at some point become incontinent or have the occasional ‘accident’. It would have been a shame for this to happen on a new carpet. As it was, Barney maintained full control up until his final minutes and then it was only a minor leak from his bladder. On Wednesday the fitters from Cromer Carpets arrived with rolls of underlay and our new carpet. They set to and lifted the old carpet, revealing the underlay. One of the fitters drew our attention to the fact the existing underlay still had another six years guarantee left. A quick phone call to the shop and it was agreed, as we also want new carpet in our bedroom, that the current underlay would remain and the amount we had paid for the new underlay would be credited against the bill for the bedroom. It is not often you hear of such honesty, well not these days. We were very impressed, after all it made no difference to the fitters but with so much wasted these days, they said it would be a shame for the underlay to end up in the company’s skip. Friday we were back in Cromer Carpet’s shop and have chosen bedroom carpet and on Wednesday their estimator is coming to measure and give us a price.

Electrical items which are in full working order can be difficult to find new home for. We have three items which are far too good to go to the dump and not wanting to sell them privately, the question was, is there a charity which will take them? A quick check on the internet and I found The British Heart Foundation (BHF) in Great Yarmouth will take most electricals, so long as they are in working order, and a big plus is, they collect. I filled in the online form, two days later I had a phone call to arrange collection. This Wednesday the items will be collected and hopefully the BHF will raise some funds from their sale.

It's been so dry I had just about emptied our water butts; it looked as though I would be rolling out the hose to water the flowering plants in the front garden but then it rained. We have had a couple of good falls and once again the butts are full. I have to say, it has been nice to have break from watering the last couple of days, that is, apart from the pots and greenhouse. I have quite a lot of pots on the patio containing a variety of plants. The echeveria rosettes are currently in flower and feature as today’s photo.


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