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Sunday 20th June 2021 - Tails Off, Really are a Pain and How Many Years Ago?

Compensation for the grotty weather on Friday came in the form of seeing a tiny frog in our pond. Tadpole tails were obviously being shed, confirmed yesterday when we saw several ‘froglets’ in an ornamental grass growing in the pond. It wasn’t long before they hopped off in the direction of the flower border and vegetable plot. Some remain in the pond but I am not sure what stage they’re at, as each day more and more of the pond’s surface is becoming covered by duck weed. We are reluctant to remove the wire, Peter put over the pond, to keep the local cats from trying to catch or play with the tadpoles, and clear the duck weed until we are sure all the tadpoles have gone through the full transformation and have moved on. Out in the garden they now face all sorts of hazards, leaving me to wonder how many will make it to full size and tackle our ever increasing slug population.

On the subject of slugs, the rain has brought them out onto the grass during the night. We have had several morning sessions collecting them with a litter picker before repatriating them to rough uncultivated areas. I have also spent time on my hands and knees lifting plant leaves to see if any are using these as daytime cover – I found quite a lot. I put broken eggs shells round the base of our lettuce plants but this has not stopped these persistent and unwanted creatures from pretty well annihilating two plants. They really are a pain – as fast as we pick them, then the next day, more appear!

There was respite from the rain yesterday but the temperatures had dropped considerably from Thursday so when a former colleague, now friend, visited us with her dad, we opted for socially distanced seating in our conservatory, rather than sitting in the garden. They had driven up from Berks the previous day to stay in Holt - a Father’s Day weekend treat – and took the opportunity to come and see us. The four of us exchanged news, stories and I was updated on former colleagues who I don’t maintain contact with through Facebook or emails. We couldn’t decide exactly when we last met but eventually settled for about eight years ago when we were in Bucks for our eldest son’s wedding, and at least ten years ago since she visited us here in Overstrand. I asked myself, how many years will it be before we next meet up?

Today’s photo is of one of the three groups of pots/containers on our patio. The geraniums are not yet fully in flower but what you can see is the damage to the flower petals on the pot of lilies on the left. No, lily beetles are not the culprits; this is the result of overnight slug visits!


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