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Sunday 11th December 2022 - Log Fire, First Frost and Strikes

A change this month for us Ex-WI’s. Instead of our monthly meet in a café in the village (either at the Potting Shed in the Garden Centre or Music Room in the Belfry Centre), one of our group invited us to her home. With a log fire blazing in their living room, it set the scene for pre-Christmas mulled wine along with sausage rolls and mince pies. I am not sure what it is about a log fire which creates a homely atmosphere but with glowing logs and warmth we all sat back, relaxed and caught up on our latest news. If you are a former member of the Overstrand WI and would like to join our monthly meet-ups, then please send me a message via the Contact Page and I will let you know the date, time and venue of our next get together.

We woke yesterday morning to our first frost of this winter. It was a total white-out and when we went out for our morning walk, we took care not to walk on the patches of ice on the roads. Given the current waits for ambulances, neither of us want to risk slipping up, breaking a bone and having to wait an extended period for assistance. By the afternoon, the frost had started to melt but pockets still remained and on roof tops too. Another frost this morning but today the roads were clear. While we were stood looking down from the clifftop this morning, I braved taking off my gloves to take a photo of the cloud formation hanging on the horizon.

With the planned postal strikes, I posted the bulk of our cards during the week. Peter still has some to send which if we are going to make the 2nd class deadline, need to be in the post box by Wednesday. There are so many strikes at the moment, it’s difficult to keep pace with who and when. We all have our different views about strikes but according to media reports, the railway workers have agreed to their offer in both Wales and Scotland, as have the NHS workers and yet in England agreements have yet to be reached.

Today’s photographs focus on recent days with frost on the naked seed head of an Alexander plant, frosted leaves and this morning’s cloud formation.


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