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Saturday 18th November 2023 - State of the Art Cataract Equipment and the Finish of the Poppy Appeal

For me, it’s too early to be seriously thinking about Christmas. I have however, bought most of the ingredients for the pudding and cakes and this week, I purchased some decorations, from the stall inside the entrance of Cromer Hospital, while Peter was attending his appointment. The stall is there every Tuesday until Christmas, with the profits going towards a new state of the art piece of equipment for cataract procedures and costing £40,000. Needless to say, with this area supporting a population of older people who are the ones most likely to develop cataracts, equipment like this will greatly benefit the service offered to patients. I have looked to see if there is more information online covering this fundraiser but have been unable to find anything specific. Peter has another appointment in December, when I will try to find out more. I think, the items for sale on the stall are very reasonably priced and short-term parking at the hospital is free, so it’s easy for anyone to stop off and support the fundraiser. I would just add, avoid the time when the school in Mill Road is finishing for the day, as it looks as though parents use the hospital car park and, as we have found, spaces at this time are few. Today’s photo shows the two soldier decorations (6inches/15cms tall) I purchased, for just £1.75 each, to send to our grandsons.

On Wednesday morning, five of us sat around a table and counted the donations in the collecting tins for the Poppy Appeal. As totals were logged, it was soon apparent more had been donated than last year, in the usual places where collecting tins are placed. This year there were some additional locations in the village, (Ivy Farm, The Conservative Club, Kingswood and the Coffee Mornings) where collections were made. After I have received the amount for the direct banking made by St Martins Church from last Sunday’s collection, I will have a more definite total, which I will publish here. Having said that, this won’t include the amounts from the QR codes; the British Legion have informed all Appeal Organisers, these will not be available until 2024. I would like to thank Derek, Martin, Lesley and Peter who were there for the count, The Methodist Church who once again allowed us to use the church for the count, Nicky in the Post Office who patiently watched as we check weighed each bag of coins before processing the paying-in, as well as all those who found a space for the trays of poppies and collecting tins plus the schools and pupils who took part in the collections, not forgetting everyone who made a donation and purchased a wreath.


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