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Monday 6th February 2023 - Mowing, Fishing and Timotheus

Continuing from my last blog, with being in ‘spring mode’. The grass was dry enough for Peter to mow the lawns over the weekend; while I managed to ‘fish’ out some of the duck weed from the pond and planted out the plants from the specialist grower, as well as pricking out the first sowing of tomatoes. In addition to our usual walks, we made our way up to Northrepps the other afternoon, to visit a friend, and we’ve also strolled along the old railway track which runs from Northrepps Road in Overstrand to the other end of Northrepps Road on the outskirts of Cromer. This afternoon, we walked along the Cromer Road, where the verges were noticeably peppered with litter. This is another area that would benefit from clearing, rather than Overstrand’s promenade.

I have made another recording. This time, an excerpt from my short story, Timotheus Pserimos Puss, which I have posted on Clifftop Publishing. In case you are wondering who, what or where is Pserimos, well it’s a small Greek island located between Kalymnos and Kos. We took the small ferry, The Nissos, over to Pserimos when we were staying on Kalymnos. There is really not a lot on the island and the few inhabitants rely on the seasonal boats bringing tourists over for day trips from Kos, for their income. We were there for just the day and managed to walk and see most of the island on foot – it really is that small. What the island lacks in size it more than made up with its charm and was the perfect location for the story I had in the back of my mind about a cat who relates, in his own words, his life’s story.

Today’s photo was taken as we walked along the disused railway line.


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