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Monday 28th June 2021 - Cones Again, Village Events and the Battle Continues

Since writing my last blog, the Parish Council have put up notices at the three places where they have placed traffic cones. In brief, the notices explain where and why they have been placed, they are on loan from County Highways, they will remain in place for the foreseeable future and the situation will be monitored by the Parish Council. I have also been made aware, the kerbside cones I photographed and included in my last post have, in the main, been put there by a contractor to ensure access for lorries delivering materials to a building site.

It’s all happening on the Sports Field Last Thursday the car boot sales resumed. We heard it was a welcome return with the regular sellers saying, it was good to be back. Every Saturday there is cricket and on Sunday afternoons, until at least the 11th July, the Gin Tin and street food trailers plus live music will be on the field. The Village Fair, scheduled for the 18th July has, due to the continuing of Covid restrictions, been moved to the 1st August and on the 24th July there is a full line up of bands and performers for Rockstock. The Strand Club are having a table top/yard sale outside the Pavilion on the 11th August between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., to raise funds for Wild Touch at Ridlington. There are other events in the pipeline which are dependent on support and of course, any further Covid restrictions. I will post information about these, on the Village Calendar page and Facebook, if they go ahead.

The battle of the slugs in our garden continues. Each day, I search the flower borders while Peter checks over the grass and vegetable plot for the offenders who have munched their way through lettuces, bean seedlings and flowers. Despite our efforts we keep finding more. I ask myself; is there any end to them and where are they all coming from? It is not all gloom and doom though, as these photos of some of the flowers in our garden show.


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