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Friday 19th January 2024 - Purchasing Online, Overstrand Gardening Club and New Railings

The past few days have been mainly about making purchases.  Most of these have been online for items not readily available locally.  Locally, can mean different things, to different people.  For me locally is, under a half hour drive. 


Peter has ordered Manx kippers from the Devereux’s on the Isle of Man – in our opinion they smoke and sell the best kippers.  Looking forward to receiving these and eating with some good brown bread and butter.


I found out, the large open top glass container, in which I wanted to create a succulent garden, doesn’t need, as I thought, charcoal.  Looking on Youtube, I discovered charcoal is only required for closed top terraniums and bottle gardens.  What I do need is cacti and succulent compost and the plants, both now ordered online.


Moving on to food.  Since Anthea closed her fish trailer in Mundesley, we have eaten little sea food apart from frozen prawns and a fish pie I made using a bag of mixed frozen fish.   There are various companies who sell fish, both fresh and frozen direct, via the internet.  I found one, which was not overpriced, and ordered a couple of fresh cod steaks to be delivered today.  I received an email from them, explaining that, due to the adverse weather in Scotland, they were unable to meet the Friday delivery and would I be happy to receive my order on Wednesday next week, which we have no problem with.


We watched the TV programme ‘Inside the Factory’, covering stuffed pasta, incorporating Cromer crabs. It commenced with the crab catch on Davies’s boat, then to the preparation in Jonas’s factory before moving to the Dell’Ugo’s factory where the stuffed pasta is produced.  I found the whole pasta process fascinating and the quality of the ingredients, impressive.  It resulted in me placing an order for a variety of their pastas, sauces, and a bread too.


Mundesley Butcher’s do not stock mutton as a regular meat, perhaps having it once or twice a year.  In the winter we enjoy a warming dish of a half leg, cooked very slowly in the oven, surrounded by root vegetables.  I looked on the internet at a couple of companies and settled on one in Swaledale, adding a couple of packs of special sausages (Merguez and Calabrian, both not sold by our butcher), to the order


Moving away from the internet and our purchases; the Overstrand Gardening Club have some very interesting speakers booked so far this year.  Their first monthly meeting will be on 6th February and details of the speaker and those through until June, can be found on the Overstrand Garden Club’s dedicated page.


Today’s photos are of the new railings on the promenade which are blocking off the steps, more or less opposite the beach hut Ruby Tuesday, down to the beach.  Whether these are permanent or just until repairs are completed to the steps; I don’t know.


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