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Wednesday 9th March 2022 - Work on the Sea Defences and WI Afternoon Tea

When it comes to protecting the coastline, it has always felt as though Overstrand is the poor cousin of Sheringham, Cromer and Mundesley. Whenever there are reports in the media of funding available for sea defences, it is about money being funnelled to the latter three with the vilages in between, abandoned to nature’s ravages. But we have not been entirely left to ‘get on with it’. Since we have lived in Overstrand we have observed repairs to the sea defences following storms and surges. These repairs have taken the form of gabions restocked with flints, new timbers on the revetments, rock armour re-instated plus, concrete blocks have been brought in from Bacton Gas Terminal to provide additional protection. Now we are seeing a totally different type of repair, this is to the apron below the east end of the promenade. As the work has to fit in with the tides, I understand it will be three months before completion, taking us into summer. Today’s photos are of the compound for the plant etc. and the beginning of the repairs to the apron.

It was our final WI social event today, with afternoon tea at the Sea Marge. Our remaining nine active members were waited on by staff and enjoyed sandwiches, sweet and savoury scones, a selection of cakes plus, pots of various types of teas. We chatted, sharing stories and points of view on a variety of subjects until the tea pots were empty and most of the delights served were eaten. Just one more meeting next week, after which Overstrand WI go into what is termed as, suspension.


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