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Wednesday 19th April 2023 - One Left, Profit Making and New Topper

A quick investigation in our shed has revealed the peacock butterfly behind the scarifier is still there whilst the one on the shovel has gone. Once it warms up a bit more, (our shed is in a cool shaded area) then the remaining peacock should fly away. Although there have been few butterflies about this year, probably because it has been cold, we have seen peacock butterflies basking on paths and flying too, and yesterday, I think I saw a female orange tip. I say, ‘think’ because females don’t have orange tips, they have dark tips on their wings and in flight these are not always apparent like the orange markings of the males. I suppose it could have been a small or large white butterfly but then it is a little early to see them, especially in that particular location. Hopefully, now the wild mustard, a plant favoured by orange tips, is in flower I will see more definite orange tip sightings which have, relative to other butterflies, a short season.

A disproportionate profit is being made out of us consumers! With the inflation rate, currently just over 10%, there are items which have increased well above this. Here are two examples. Our first purchase this year of potting compost, from the Garden Centre in the village, cost us £15 for 3 x 60 litre bags i.e. £5 per bag. Our second purchase, for the same brand, we paid £12 for 2 x 60 litre bags, equalling £6 per bag. It isn’t rocket science to work out the £1 per bag increase is a 20% price rise, pretty well double the rate of inflation. I need to add; I am not accusing Overstrand Garden Centre of making an excessive profit, it is more likely the manufacturer and supplier who are controlling the price. Another example is, the product I buy, for removing kitchen grease. During the course of a couple of weeks, it went up from £1 to £1.25. It was not on a special offer at £1 and it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out the increase was 25%. I have decided I can live with this increase because it is still a lot cheaper than it is in Homebase where I saw it, at the weekend, for . . . . . £2! There are probably numerous other examples - it’s pretty disgusting that we consumers, who are at the bottom of the chain, are exploited. But what can we the consumer do; probably nothing except be wary of what we buy, and where we make our purchases, and if we have the time, shop around.

Today’s photo shows the new topper on the post box, outside the Village stores. The topper also features a Beefeater and a Guard; all very topical with its Coronation theme. There will be a Coronation celebration in the village, on Sunday May 7th, details of which can be found on the Village Calendar page.


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