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Thursday 30th November 2023 - Still Brrr..., Shopping in Cromer and Yarn Art Christmas Tree

It’s still very brrrr….., in other words, cold but this hasn’t stopped us going out for our walks. High tides, first thing in the morning, and with the waves crashing against the sea wall and over the prom, we expected to see further jostling of the beach huts. Asked to check out the damage to one hut in particular, we walked down along the front yesterday and took some photos for the owner and noted there was no further movements or damage to the huts. The chilly weather is set to continue for the coming days with the winds adding to the chill factor.

I had some time to spend in Cromer yesterday, after my hairdresser’s appointment and before catching the bus home. I put this to good use and purchased family Christmas cards from Creations, an independent shop which has a good selection of both cards and novelties. The other week, I purchased Toblerones with our grandsons’ names on them, from Creations. I posted them, along with the items I purchased from Laura Parker-Crofts, Got the Needle, on Monday. (Posted 1st Class the parcel should have arrived on Tuesday but no, it was delivered on Wednesday. I asked myself, what was the point of paying extra for what should be a next day delivery?) I also bought a toy for a dog and went to Fig and Olive coming out with an assortment of edible goodies. I perused the tops in Mountain Warehouse but despite the extensive range wasn’t tempted to purchase anything but moving on to Lily B’s; here I was tempted and bought a new jumper. At this point I didn’t have enough time to look at the Christmas Tree display in St Peter and St Pauls Church before catching the bus. I was well and truly chilled through by the time I got home and very appreciative to be in the warm.

The Yarn Art group, who meet every Tuesday at the Belfry Centre, have crocheted a Christmas tree. This was exhibited in Cromer church but, as already mentioned, I ran out of time to visit the display and therefore, didn’t get to take a photo of their tree. Instead, I have borrowed, and given copyright credit, to the one put up on Facebook by The Belfry Centre. So much work put into their tree and definitely a novel idea, the Yarn Art group deservedly won first prize. The church’s display will close this weekend, after which the Yarn Art’s tree will be moved back to The Belfry Centre where everyone is welcome to go along and view, and maybe also enjoy tea and cake or a savoury in the Music Room Café.

©The Belfry Centre for Music & Arts, Facebook Page


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