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Sunday 19th May 2024 - Planning, Frets, Yarn Bombing and Second Vlog

The last couple of days I have been thinking about our family visit next weekend.  Six in total is too many for us to accommodate so they have booked a holiday let not far from us.  Thanks to WhatsApp we have been able to share ideas between us and decide where we will be eating in the evenings.  Lunches will depend on what we end up doing and of course, that will be governed by the weather.   Our youngest grandson is planning on bringing his body board with him.  Only six years old, he will need someone to accompany him – that definitely won’t be me, the sea is far too cold for me to venture in and I think he may well find it rather cold too! 


On the subject of the sea, we’ve had a couple of frets roll in.  Friday’s fret was not too bad and although we could see wafts blowing inland throughout the day, the sun soon burnt these off.  It felt pleasantly warm and after an appointment at Cromer Hospital and our usual Mundesley shop, we opened windows and doors and settled down to a days gardening.  Yesterday, we woke to another fret – this time it was cold and and the air was moist.  The cold resulted in me wearing gloves on our morning walk – gloves in May, that shouldn’t be necessary!  The fret was so dense I did wonder if it would remain all day but the sun eventually made an impact and it cleared away in the afternoon.  I decided to capture the fret in a video, to incorporate in my second vlog.  I have also filmed along a couple of footpaths and covered some features of interest on the Cromer Road.  My vlog is now available to watch on YouTube. 


One of the features I wanted to record, on the Cromer Road, is the Belfry Centre which has been yarn bombed.  The Yarn Art Group, who meet on Tuesdays in the centre, are working on a new project which will be displayed on the gates of the sports field.  As well as filming I also took a photo of the yarn bombing, see below.


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