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Tuesday 9th February 2021 - Storm Darcy

Well, we knew it would hit us. I’m talking about the forecast storm. Storm Darcy arrived during Saturday night, and for the first time in many a year, I woke in the early morning with cold feet. I tried to ignore this but I just can’t sleep with cold feet so in the end I turned the electric blanket on and before long I was nice and toasty and drifted back off to sleep. The wind was something else, when we took Barney out for a walk. Talk about lazy, it went right through us. The sea was a scene of grey topped with white but for some reason the camera on my phone refused to work, I guess the battery was too cold for it to function. We leant into the easterly along the front and on our return we were buffeted from behind pushing our legs forward, faster and faster. Back home, I was thoroughly chilled. Working my way through a pile of ironing helped warm me but it wasn’t until the evening, after I started to cook our roast pork for dinner, when I finally thawed out.

Sunday evening, we decided to leave the heating on low during the night, rather than let the boiler struggle to warm our home through from cold the following morning. No cold feet that night but instead we were woken several times by the noise of something flapping. The noise was coming from the corner of the window but we were unable to determine exactly what was causing it. So what with the flapping and me getting up a number of times to let Sid in and out, we had something of a disrupted night. In the light of morning, Peter opened the window and saw what was behind the flapping, a sealant strip which had dislodged. Strip removed, last night was far more restful apart from the usual requests from Sid, to go out into the conservatory and onwards into the garden and then to come in and later go out again……you get the picture of what it’s like to be a cat’s servant!

Cold wind again Monday, but this morning with a fresh fall of snow and no wind to chill us through, I was able to take a number of photos as we walked through the village. Not often we see snow on the coast so I have included a number of photos here… case we don’t see snow here again for another two or three years. (I wish!)


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