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Thursday 11th January 2024 - On a Roll, Cafe Changes and Overstrand, the Fourth Poshest Place

I am on, what is termed as, a roll and busy tackling my list of winter things to do.  Last year’s blogs are now printed, my glogs (garden logs) are also printed and in a file, kitchen cupboards have been cleaned inside and out and the kitchen walls washed with some of the tile grouting, which had yellowed, bleached.  Vegetable and flower seeds were ordered earlier in the week and have been delivered.  When I have finished this blog, I will write out our planting list where we record seeds and varieties, the date they were planted and any comments.  It may be too cold to do much in the garden, I did pop out the other day to tie back our coprosma, but in preparation for the coming growing season, we have onion, shallots, and two varieties of tomatoes coming on indoors. 


Yesterday our ExWI group met at the Belfry Centre’s café.  Julie, who was running the café has taken a back seat.  Currently, she is still providing cakes but no longer operating the café.  Hopefully our group will continue to be able to meet up here once a month.  Our other meeting place, when the Belfry was closed in school holidays, was the Potting Shed Tea Rooms in the Garden Centre.  The Gangway, who also have café/bars in Cromer, Sheringham and Mundesley, were running this but have moved out and as from the Saturday 13th, the café will be managed once again by the Garden Centre.  It will be interesting to see how they both pan out over the coming months.


In my last blog, I had a gripe about parts of the village.  I thought I should back my statements up with some photos.  So, I have been out and taken shots as examples, a selection of which I have included in the gallery below.  Peter noticed yesterday, in an article published by North Norfolk News, Overstrand was rated fourth in the Seven Poshest Places in Norfolk according to locals. If that’s the case, and if you consider the photos in the gallery, then what are other places like!


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