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Monday 13th April 2020 - Easter Weekend and Thursday Cheering.

There was such a change in the weather this morning. Gone were the blue skies, sun, warmth and the gently lapping sea, and no sign of the almost surreal sunrise we saw on Sunday. Instead we woke to a cold north easterly wind and grey waves on the sea. Hey, but who’s complaining after three beautiful days over the Easter period, when we were able to be in the garden, have a BBQ and take Barney for his walks. We were also able to enjoy seeing our family yesterday, and having a chat with them. Now, hold on, before you start thinking we were breaking the rules, we used Google Duo! Overall we were pleased to see only a few visitors in the village and todays chill would certainly have made anyone think twice about coming to see the Easter Bonnet competition. Of course, there were those who ignored the Governments recommendation to stay at home, and were seen driving through the village (music blaring), others on bikes (I wonder when some of the bikes last came out) plus walkers and joggers. It has to be said that none of these presented a problem to villagers with social distancing. Different to the mountain bikers I heard about who were on the permissive part of the cliff path which leads into Pauls Lane car park. They pushed a dog walker into the brambles and bowled over a dog on a lead. There are numerous names you could call people like this but just let’s leave it is as ‘prats’.

I am all for the regular Thursday evening cheering and banging of pans in support of the NHS and care workers but I wonder if this should be extended. I say this because there are other workers who are being put under pressure and risk from Covid-19. In particular I am thinking of my own experience, following my Mum’s passing, with the funeral directors and registrar, who were both compassionate and efficient, making sure all the paperwork etc. was completed and posted to me. In addition there are other key workers who are making sure the shops are supplied. So, I think this Thursday I will be cheering and pot banging for all of them as well.


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