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Friday 2nd April 2021 - Snippets

Today’s blog comprises of snippets of this and that which have featured in our life over the past few days. How would you describe the weather on Monday through to Wednesday – glorious, warm, sunny, beautiful, or like summer? Whatever you choose, maybe all of these, it was undeniably three days to make the most of. We gardened, sat in the sun (it got quite hot), took in the fragrance of the hyacinths in the border, watched the freshly hatched tadpoles plus the bugs and snails in the pond, observed peacock and red admiral butterflies sunning themselves and a male orange tip which zipped across the garden at such speed I concluded; it was on a mission.

In the early morning we viewed the rising sun, photographed a boat crabbing close to the shore, as well as the slippage on the access road at the east end of the promenade. Unusual for this time of the year, the warmth remained into the evening when we barbequed on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings – sausages, pork steaks, Greek chicken souvlaki and peppers all sizzled, while Peter turned, and oiled when necessary, with Barney at his side. When dusk fell, the bats came out to entertain us, flying across ours and neighbours’ gardens at break neck speeds.

It seemed impossible that the weather could change so radically but Thursday morning greeted us with cloud and a drop in temperature of around 15°C. Today, Good Friday has been no better with the rest of the Easter weekend and the following week not looking to improve. After shopping in Mundesley this morning we stopped off at the Garden Centre for some bags of manure, grow bags and soft wire. The centre is absolutely rammed with stock of various types, so much so that the bags we wanted are now at the back, in an area formerly separated from public access. Back home, I located two of the grow bags in our greenhouse providing a new home for four tomato plants I’ve grown from seed; they were pretty desperate to get out of their pots and spread their roots further.

Today’s photos speak for themselves – a spring sunrise, a boat out crabbing and spring flowers in our garden.


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