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Tuesday 14th February 2023 - Valentines and Winter's List

The weather has certainly come up trumps for Valentine’s Day. The sea was absolutely stunning this morning, I could see it was when I looked out from our bedroom window, so I made sure I took my camera out with us. Despite the blue skies and brilliant sunshine, it was still cold and I returned home with numb finger tips which I thawed out under warm water from the kitchen tap. I do sometimes wear sheepskin mittens which are warmer than gloves, but these are cumbersome and hamper the use of my litter picker. I have noticed over the past weeks that, like me, some people pull their fingers up into the main body of their gloves to help keep their hands warm but when I am carrying a picker and a bag for the litter, I can only manage this one hand at a time. Still, it shouldn’t be too long before it warms up and numb fingers cease to be a problem.

I am gradually working my way through my winter’s list of things to do; the end is now in sight. On Sunday, I spent some time deleting old emails. Although there is a counter of how many there are, I rarely look at this. It came as a bit of a shock how many had accumulated, resulting in me passing quite a bit of time deleting most of them, while hoping I hadn’t accidentally got rid of any of importance! Prior to this, I transferred the voice recordings I made some years ago, during our various trips to Greece, to my laptop. When I first listened to the recordings, I was going to scrap them but decided, like the diaries I kept and Peter’s filming, they hold too many memories to be discarded. As I now have a more up to date recorder, used for logging and subsequently reporting what we cleared on beach cleans, I can donate the recorder, used in Greece, to a charity shop.

Today’s photos were taken this morning with the rising mist masking Cromer Pier and the second, below, shows the sandy beach, the blue of the sea and skies and, just by chance, a passing gull.


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