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Tuesday 12th March 2024 - Update, High Tides, Easter and Slugs

I'm starting off with a quick update on the accident on the promenade, which I mentioned in my lasIt blog.  The villager suffered a dislocated shoulder, and not a broken arm.  After reading on the NHS website, the recovery period is up to twelve weeks, a lengthy process and not a case of simply realigning the joint.


High tides, these past few days, and northerly winds have resulted in waves crashing over the promenade.  For safety, Fisherman Andy moved his boat up to the corner of the zigzag path, leading down to the beach.  One of the two sets of barricades not far from the bottom of this path have been dislodged.  When will the contractors realise, cable ties are not strong enough to hold them in place?


Anyone looking for something to do over the Easter period, and at the same time wanting to buy some local handicrafts will be interested in the Craft Market in The Parish Hall in the Londs on Easter Monday (1st April) between ten and two.  There is more information on the poster below.  Also, over the Easter weekend, the clocks go forward.  We are already seeing lighter evenings but another hour of light, will make quite a difference.  Looking forward to being able to sit out in our conservatory, watching the bats as they emerge at dusk and hopefully, we will see the return of the hedgehog scuttling across the garden.  It will probably, also see us resuming our evening slug hunts.  Over the past four years we have been plagued by Spanish slugs (big and orange - ooh that reminds me of someone – better not mention any names!!).  Initially, we cleared around a hundred each day but last year there was a noticeable drop in numbers.  With a bit of luck, we have made an impact on the local population and there will be even less this year.  I’ve already cleared about twenty when I have been tidying both front and back borders and I have seen damage to both the bellis and pansy plants, I grew from seed last year.  I just wish they would stick to munching decaying plant matter and not tender young shoots, leaves and stems.


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