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Sunday 21st April 2024 - Cold Winds, 'Living the Skye Life' and Finishing Embroidery

We have had some spells of sun and reduced rain showers but boy, has that wind been cold and feisty with it.  So, what do you do when the cold winds keep on blowing?  For us the answer has been, stay indoors, for the most part, and when going out, wrap up in those winter layers we’d thought we could, by now, have washed and packed away.


Something, I wouldn’t normally be considering doing at this time of the year, is watching vlogs on YouTube.  I have recently started watching one Peter found, ‘Living the Skye Life’. This has been filmed and produced by Willy and Sarah who have moved, with their dog Jack Spaniels, to an isolated spot on the Island of Skye.  They moved in December 2022 and have now recorded sixty-five weekly vlogs.  So far, I have watched sixteen and although tempted to miss some and skip on a bit further on, to see how their plans for life on the island are progressing, I am watching strictly in the order they have been uploaded.  The original plan was, to watch one a day but with the weather as it is, it’s sometimes two.  I have moaned about the wind but compared to Skye weather, what we have been experiencing is a breeze.


I have also finished the embroidery I’ve been working on over the winter months. Yesterday I washed it, as per the instructions, which removes the printed outline.  However, there was a blue hue left behind on the backing; I have washed it again this morning with a bit more detergent this time which, fingers crossed, will remove the residue.  When it’s dry, I will mount it in the frame I purchased and then I need to find somewhere to hang it.


Taking advantage of a window of sun, yesterday afternoon we walked along the back of the allotments and the edge of the adjacent field.  I good selection of bird song was to be heard, in particular the skylarks further up the field, and a number of blackcaps flitting about in the hedgerow.  The hawthorn flowers are breaking open and seeing these and the horse chestnut tree, overhanging The Londs, in flower, I have been able to complete the Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s spotter survey mentioned in my blog for 9th April.


Todays’ photo was taken this morning from the cliff tops, with the North wind, whipping up the sea.


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