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Monday 29th April 2024 - Mixed Bag and a Mish Mash

So, what do you do when the weather is rubbish at the weekend?  To us, it doesn’t really make any difference whether it’s at the weekend or during the week.  For those who work Monday to Friday, it must be pretty galling and frustrating when it’s a wet weekend, especially when sandwiched between two good days, as it was this week, i.e. Friday and Monday.


Over the weekend, I was able to edit the videos I took on my camera of the slumps along the promenade.  Yes, I have finally decided to produce videos which I will eventually post on Youtube.  I have to thank ‘Living the Sky Life’ and their weekly vlogs for providing me with the inspiration I needed and although my videos/vlogs will never be as professional as theirs (for starters, I don’t have the recording equipment they use) or as regular.  However, I am hoping they will give an insight into ‘Life in Overstrand’.  I have to admit my first recordings, made on Friday, were a disaster.  We visited a friend in Northrepps in the afternoon and on our walk up I took stills to insert into the recordings.  On our way back I recorded our walk BUT back home I discovered I only had a couple of pieces of the footage.  The one which would have included a hen pheasant with her chicks, for some reason wasn’t saved.  What ensued was a Victor Meldrew ‘I don’t believe it!’ moment.  Such a beautiful start to today, I did some more recordings on my camera, on our morning walk along the promenade.  I think, the next time I venture out to film; I will use the camcorder and compare the results with my camera’s.


I decided to change the framed photos on one of our walls.  Cutting a long story short, on Sunday, there was much mumblings and grumblings from me when the printer decided it didn’t like the photo paper.  This was further frustrated when one of the ink cartridges ran out and had to be replaced before I could progress.   In the end a simple twenty-minute task took hours.  It all got to the point when a new printer seemed to be the solution.  Always better at these things than me, Peter looked at replacement printers and when a suitable one was found, I started the ordering process.  That wasn’t simple either; when the usual confirmations didn’t come through on email, I wasn’t sure if the payment had gone through, or not.  By then I was beginning to think it must by Friday 13th!  It turned out, the payment hadn’t gone through, which was a bit of a blessing because in the end, the printer accepted a larger sized photo paper.  It was a case then of using the guillotine to cut the print down to the size I needed.  Finally, I was able to put the photos in the frames and hang them up on the wall.  I have also framed, this time with no problems, my embroidery is now on a wall.    


All in all, the past few days have been a mixed bag of weather and for me, a mish mash ofsuccesses and failures.   Today’s photo was taken this morning from the cliff top looking towards Cromer Pier and will be included as a still in my edited video.  Dare I say, what I need is a wet day to keep me indoors for editing!


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