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Saturday 13th April 2024 - Full Week and To Film or Not to Film?

Quite a full week since my last blog, well it has been compared to my norm.  Nothing of great note, just the hairdressers in Cromer, where the town was quite busy with visitors, and back again to visit a friend.  Then there was a trip to the village Garden Centre and a meet-up with ex WI friends, plus all the usual day to day tasks, shopping in Mundesley and of course our walks.  In between, I have been out in the garden doing various bits and pieces including, planting the three suitably priced perennials bought from the Garden Centre, to put in the area I am revamping.  I didn’t want to spend too much, as I am not sure whether they will like being under the trees, hence saying ‘suitably priced’.  At the same time, I purchased some osteospermums for summer pots; these are currently in the greenhouse until it gets a bit warmer.


We follow several Youtubers.  I watch two vlogs from France, another who lives in Scotland and travels about, plus more recently I have been watching a couple who have moved to the Isle of Sky (lucky for them they can work from home).  Apart from one Youtuber, their films are very professional and all are interesting and entertaining.  Anyway, the professionalism exhibited has made me feel daunted and to question as to whether I record, as planned, videos around the village.  If I wake up, or more likely woken up by Sid our cat, during the night, I start thinking through whether to record and post up short videos, or compile shorts into a longer film, or just completely forget the whole idea.  I never get too far into my thoughts before I fall back asleep – It proves a better to be a better strategy than counting sheep!  Needless to say, I have yet to come to a decision.


The Alexanders’ in this area are prolific, loving the coastal environment.  Today’s photo was taken from the zigzag path, through one of the plants and out across the sea.


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