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Monday 4th March 2024 - Ready to Launch, Treasure Hunt and More of These

Friday started with blue skies and I couldn’t resist taking a photo (see below) of Andy’s sunlit fishing boat, Jayne Marie, now down on the promenade ready for the first launch of the season.  There is a slump where fishing boat, Cara Marie, is left on the promenade, so where is Rob going to leave his boat?  We walked a bit further along to see if the barricades were still in place.  They were, so we retraced our steps.  Unfortunately, a bit later on, it clouded over and then the inevitable – rain set in.


Still on the subject of launching, yesterday morning Poppyland Radio broadcast its first Treasure Hunt programme.  When the BBC Radio Norfolk axed its much-loved, Treasure Quest, this left many disappointed listeners.  Poppyland Radio has stepped into their shoes, with a changed name for their programme and a slightly different theme.  A couple of glitches, which were only to be expected, but all in all a success. There was a good response from the public, helping to solve the clues, some well out of the county.  Since the end of the programme, the station has reported record audience numbers and confirmed the programme will feature on the first Sunday of each month between 10.00 and 13.00.


Well, we could certainly do with more of these.  I am referring to today’s weather.  It has been such a tonic to see the sun today, even though it has clouded over this afternoon, with just enough breeze to dry the washing on the line.   The birds were full of songs as we took our morning walk; are they like us, pleased to see the sun or maybe it was all about attracting a mate?  Back home, and after breakfast, I started on the housework but stopped part way through so I could sit and enjoy a mid-morning coffee, sat on the bench at the end of our garden, while listening to the frogs croaking in the pond.  The temptation to stay and do a couple of things outside, was too much.  The housework was put on hold and out came secateurs trowel and my kneeler.  As it always happens, once out in the garden one thing leads to another but in the end, I did return to the housework.  Each day, I see something new in our garden. Recent pond activity from the frogs, with accompanied croaking, has resulted in spawn, buds are breaking on bushes and shrubs, plus the first blossom is now bursting on our apricot tree.  I think it's safe to say, spring is here.


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