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Thursday 7th July 2022 - Not Fallow, Woken by the Wind and Back on our Original Plan

All went well on Wednesday. The BHF collected our electrical equipment, our bedroom was measured for new carpet and its laying booked in for next week. It is going to be a challenge, clearing our bedroom of furniture, some items will have to be moved downstairs and the rest packed into the ensuite, but we have done it before so no doubt will manage again. In the afternoon we walked up towards Northrepps before cutting across the ‘airfield’ and returning home through the village. At first, seeing wildflowers growing in the part of the field which is usually used for arable crops, I thought the field was being left fallow this year. However, as we walked along its perimeter we could see a cereal crop, short in stature and not immediately visible from a distance. Normally fields would be sprayed to kill wild flowers (aka weeds) but here poppies and daisies were well in evidence. I took a photo on my phone which whether it was due to the light or a setting I inadvertently pressed, has a rather mystical effect – you have to look hard to see the ears of the cereal crop.

It had been a calm day and we enjoyed a barbeque in the evening but all changed later, when the winds built in the night. I don’t know why modern windows are not fitted with stays, like the metal Crittall ones we had for many years in our previous home. Peter was in a deep sleep but if I hadn’t been woken by the wind, I wouldn’t have found one of our bedroom windows had been blown open to its full extent and with the wind having full access, it had carried items off the windowsill and one of our tallboys.

This morning we were greeted with grey skies, drizzle showers and the wind was still blowing. This is going to put pay to our plans for the day, I thought. It was still windy by the time we returned mid morning from Cromer Surgery, but the clouds had cleared, the sun was out and we were back on our original plan. This commenced with a walk round the Car Boot sale where I bought a couple of pots before we headed off to Ridlington. We had a bag of towels, used for drying off Barney following a damp walk or after a bath, and knowing Wildtouch at Ridlington are always grateful of towel donations, we took them over. I should add here, that we have kept back a couple of towels so we can dry off our cat, Sid, when he comes in with wet fur and muddy paws but we most certainly won’t be attempting to give him a bath! With the towels dropped off at Wildtouch we drove back to Bacton stopping for fish and chips. Always perfectly cooked to order, and although we don’t frequent fish and chip shops more than about once a year, we think Bacton’s fish and chips are the best in the area. Just one drawback today, the lady behind the counter was a bit over zealous with the salt and vinegar. We pulled into the car park at Cart Gap to eat our lunch before taking a look at Bacton Beach with its sandscaping and deciding we must return and explore Bacton further. I took a couple of photos, see below, of the sand rich beach and one of a sign, put up by Bacton Parish Council, which includes a warning about not approaching seals. We could do with signage of this nature here in Overstrand.


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